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My name is Hiromi Kobayashi,

a tour designer / certified tour guide in English mainly covering the central and western regions in Japan.

I've been working as a freelance translator / interpreter in the fields such as automotive, semi-conductor,

and IT industries and in the consequence have become enthusiastic about expressing myself in English through the introduction of Japanese cultures and natures to the guests from foreign countries.



I am willing to take you to attractive spots by maximizing my knowledge, and will make my best efforts to make your visit fruitful and beneficial.


Thank you for visiting Any Style Japan’s web page.


Have you ever been to the central and western regions in Japan?


These regions have many attractive locations which are not found elsewhere in Japan.  Additionally, some of them are not 

known to many Japanese people. Such spots are hidden and secret places which are not visited by ordinary sightseeing 


As your tour guide and tour designer, I will create special tours to these unique spots exclusively for you according to your 

style. You will have an unforgettable experience in Japan.


Even if you wish to travel in places other than the central and western areas, I can design your travel completely 

by collaborating with local people and reliable land operators.


If you have any requests or questions, please freely contact me.


Original Tours

Japan has been cultivating its unique life style and traditions which are not found in any other countries all over the world.

Some of them have a long history dating back more than 2000 years ago, and are still alive in people’s life.

Such cultures and traditions have been cultivated by local people interacting with abundant nature, such as mountains, 

the ocean, fresh water stream, and so on.

Most of such attractive places are not so called, touristic spots, so some are not known to ordinary Japanese people, 

others are hidden in local villages. However, in such hidden places, you can find and experience ‘true Japan.’


Any Style Japan has been providing fully customized tours to our clients, coordinating exclusive tours for them, so that they

 can enjoy unique and rare experiences.


In this page, you can see the overview of experiences which our clients were pleased with beyond their expectation.

Network of Any Style Japan 

Any Style Japan has a wide network of multi lingual tour guides in various regions. By utilizing such a network, we can offer 

a totally arranged long tours.Additionally, considering our clients’ safety and requirements, we can arrange various methods

 of transportations such as privately chartered cars, helicopters, yachts, and cruise ships and so on, collaborating with 

reliable land operators.

If you wish to know briefly about Japan, please try to experience our online tours or chat with our tour designer or tour 

guide.We are looking forward to hearing from you. 

Please experience unique and hidden Japan with us!

Any Style Labo

Learn in Your Own Style

Any Style Japan not only helps you on your trip, but also at your favorite time in your own style.

We also help children and adults study English.

Nowadays, the situation in the world continues to change. Educational settings and work environments are constantly changing.

Even if I have something I want to learn, it is difficult because the time and place are limited. Do you have such a problem?

At Any Style Labo, not only face-to-face instruction but also online system can be used according to your wishes.

We support learning flexibly regardless of time or place.

Information on available courses

English TOEIC preparation Interpreter guide exam preparation Eiken preparation English conversation Japanese

* For the above subjects, Kobayashi, the representative of Any Style Labo, is the main instructor, but if there is no space, we will introduce another instructor.

* Any Style Labo will help you connect with your teacher even for subjects not listed above.

* Prices vary depending on the number of people (individual / group).

First please feel free to contact us.

Original Tours
Any Style Labo



Tour Designer / Licensed Guide

Tour designer / Goverment licensed guide-interpreter

(Mie prefecture registration number: English EN00090)

Hiromi Kobayashi

Passed the test Ise-san Advanced (Jingu / Relocation, History / Manufacturing)


skype: kobayashi.hiromi25

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